The Do And Learn Reading Programme was devised and compiled by Dr Rose Botha. Dr Botha had 61 years of teaching experience before her untimely passing on 30 August 2013.

She originally started the programme just for pre-school learners, ages 4 to 6. Dokka Swart and Tina Van Eden joined her in 2001. An article on Dr Botha stated that she wants to teach South Africa to read.

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The Reading Programme was adapted to the needs of any illiterate who would like to learn to read, write and count. It is being used by Multigrade Educators across South Africa.

Our programme has met with incredible success nationwide. We can assist anyone, of any age, to learn to read. We believe that the future of our country is dependant on our children being fully literate. Only through reading can a person truly learn, and grow.


    Do And Learn is:

  • Registered as an initial and remedial Reading Programme
  • A programme that gives any illiterate person enough background and self-confidence to read
  • A programme that trains teachers to teach illiterate children to read
  • Can be used in addition to any other reading programme used by schools
  • A unique programme in the way that the children each receive a read/workbook in which they draw and write
  • A successful programme due to its simplicity i.e. teacher training takes one day after which this process can be applied with great success
  • Available in Xhosa, Afrikaans and English. This programme can be translated into all our other national languages